Feather Library

25 Feb - 31 March 2023 | 11am - 7pm
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Feather Library started collecting the feather samples from birds to establish a basic database of species found in and around Ahmedabad. The centre also receives birds from various other parts of Gujarat, which has widened the horizon greatly. All birds were declared dead by the vets after which feathers were measured and documented. We wish to create and curate a database of the various bird species found here in India. So far we have recorded over 110 species, including a few migratory rarities. We are making notes on the flight feathers, noting the number of Primaries, Secondaries, Tertials (Wing Feathers) and Rectrices (Tail Feathers) along with the basic details of the bird like overall length, bill length and width, leg lengths up to the digits, etc. We are also documenting one wing fully stretched and tail fanned in dorsal and ventral views. This provides us with valuable data as to the exact number of feathers, any changes in shape, any specialty, colour, pattern and size. The collected feathers have been arranged by type and settled into a plate for easy viewing and comparison.