Unsmart Cities: Low-Tech Solutions for for Urban Rewilding

2 March 2023 | 12 pm - 2 pm
Utopia CITYLAB, Tripureshwor
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The language of ‘smart cities’ has dominated discourse on sustainability recently and it comes with a bit of baggage. What does it mean to be a smart city and who decides what is smart and what is not? Generally pushing tech innovations and massive infrastructure projects, ‘smart cities’ often ignore and marginalize other cities that lack the same amount of investment potential. We’re here to change that!

Join us to explore some of these ‘unsmart cities’ and what they are doing in their urban rewilding efforts. We will learn why urban rewilding, the act of restoring natural processes to cities, has started to gain momentum globally, and how we can use low-tech solutions in our efforts to rewild our own cities.

Be prepared to dip your fingers in the mud for our seed balling exercise.

We request you to bring any seeds (foods, flowers, grains) that you may have at your home.

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Mar 2, 2023 Time: 12 – 2 PM Location: Utopia CITYLAB, Tripureshwor   

Run of show (100 min)

  • Sign in 10 min
  • Short introduction of Utopia Kathmandu and our CITYLAB 5 min
  • Urban Rewilding: concepts, strategies, needs 5 min
  • Group discussion of other rewilding efforts 10 min
  • Activity: Seed bombing 40 min
  • Refreshments and networking 30 min

Location: Utopia CITYLAB, Tripureshwor   

Capacity: 20 persons (not including Utopia team)

Refreshments: Tea, coffee, biscuits