Ganga Limbu


Ganga Limbu is KTK-BELT Project’s first youth fellow as well as the youngest program officer in Media, Outdoor Education, and the Indigenous Knowledge program. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. At KTK-BELT, she is educating and mentoring 6th to 8th graders from local community schools to become conservation leaders, as well as guiding them in telling their own stories.

Her role in the project is educating young children about conservation and environmental education. She is also training youths to document local knowledge and plant diversity as part of the KTK-Belt’s Vertical University project. She embarked on a journey to make more than 75 videos, archiving this local knowledge for future generations in the form of an ‘Indigenous Knowledge Portal’.
Ganga envisions designing the indigenous knowledge of thousands of videos with farmers in their own language, with the goal of building a library of thousands of such videos. She is now also leading the media portion, which includes videos of farmers, headers, fisherfolks, and weavers’ knowledge as well as cultural and tribal practices.