Note on shapeshifting and continuum 

By PhotoKTM Team - 5 Jul 22

In 2020, as the pandemic hit the world hard, PhotoKTM attempted to rethink notions of time, space and gathering. We asked ourselves what might be possible if we shifted from a 5-week festival format to approaching the festival programming as a continuum? We wondered what if instead of an ephemeral platform that pops up every two years and then dissipates into the city, the festival found a more permanent home in Patan? What might be made possible in terms of deepening our engagement with the people and projects that the festival platforms? 

We are happy to share that these thoughts and intentions are being manifested this year; PhotoKTM is moving into the Patan House in Dhaugal starting July 2022 and setting up a permanent space there. 

The Patan House space is not replacing the festival, but will serve as an anchor for its core values and programs on an on-going basis. It will house a library and reading room, a mini gallery that can also hold small intimate events, and a studio residency space. We are very excited to continue to program and build local collaborations in/around the Patan House.