Lights, Camera and Action!

By Jebin Gautam - 18 Oct 15

Despite all the stress that comes with organizing a photo festival, the Photo Kathmandu team had a great time producing a short promotional video. From taking time off to experiment with various props to discovering a natural actor on our own team – the video process allowed us some time to sit back, relax and enjoy a much-needed moment of brevity.

A tribute to the evolution of Nepali studio photography, the video sweeps through the coy poses of the early days, to the free-spirited ways of more recent times. In a way, the video has allowed us to engage creatively with the archival content at the Nepal Picture Library and explore the various themes that we come across in the photographs.

Many thanks to Prasiit Sthapit from Fuzz Factory Productions for directing the video.

Without further ado, enjoy the video.

Lakhu & Sons from Photo Kathmandu on Vimeo.

Post by Jebin Gautam