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South Asia Incubator 2

Networking can be a daunting exercise at festivals, and sometimes limited to exchanging hellos and business cards; portfolio reviews can feel too rushed and formal; and young practitioners in the region tend to have limited access to grants, publishing and exhibition opportunities and facetime with professionals who can support and help to open doors. By creating a dedicated platform to connect young practitioners with industry experts, Photo Kathmandu hopes to help them further their practices.

South Asia Incubator 1 creates a space for exchange and engagement between a group of 10 young South Asian practitioners and 6 mentors from around the world. Over 4 days, the group will share work and discuss practices, receive critical feedback from mentors, and ideate potential collaborations for the future. For the mentors, this platform is an exciting opportunity to meet young practitioners from the region and discover new work that they then can engage with and promote in other regional and international fora.

Keep an eye on this space and our social media for the call for applications!