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Kathmandu is a smorgasbord of sights, sounds and cultures. December offers beautiful fresh weather and art festivals ! Photo Kathmandu is a great excuse to discover the city, seek inspiration, and make new friends.


⦁ Tourism provides one of the largest sources of foreign revenue to Nepal. So, keeping the revenue flowing is key to rebuilding and economic survival.
⦁ A very large percentage of tourism jobs are held by people from earthquake-affected areas, and it is estimated that one visiting tourist provides nine people with jobs.
⦁ A multitude of individuals in varying roles are sustained by tourists: those in hotels, transport companies, restaurants, airports, taxis, gear shops and souvenir stalls, not to mention the farmers who grow the food to supply the industry.
⦁ The multiplier effect of every dollar spent on travel in Nepal is immense.
⦁ Jobs and currency are the most needed long-term items for sustainable rebuilding.


You can get a tourist visa on arrival, but you can count on a good hour of queuing at the immigration desk at the airport. Avoid this by getting a visa online.
Tip: Unless you know your hotel’s address, you can use this photo.circle’s details for the mandatory section “Address in Nepal”: House Nr: (not mandatory) – Street: Arun Thapa Chowk – Ward Nr: 3 – VDC/Municipality: Lalitpur – District: Lalitpur. Further down, the Hotel address is not mandatory.
For further information check Nepal’s Immigration website. Indian visitors don’t need a visa to enter Nepal, but bring your passport.

Practical Guide

To help prepare for your trip, we have compiled information on practicalities such as visa procedures, how to get a local sim card, things to pack … along with some suggestions on places to eat and what not to miss while in Nepal.

Note: please consider this guide slightly outdated – a new version is being prepared and will be available in September 2020.

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