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Review Sessions

Each edition of Photo kathmandu strives to serve as a platform for emerging photographers to meet with more experienced and established practitioners – photographers, photo editors, curators, writers – to share and discuss their work and practice at large. This year we have an incredibly diverse pool of professionals who have volunteered their time to meet with younger practitioners for review sessions. We are grateful for their time and eagerness to connect and give back to the community! The sessions are designed to be open ended conversations. Participants are welcome to seek inputs on their specific projects and/or their practice at large, ask for specific advice that a reviewer might have based on their professional experience and expertise, seek suggestions for other works to view, material to read, people to look up etc.

  • All review sessions are free of cost
  • Review sessions are open to early-mid career photo practitioners and priority will be given to people based in South Asia Sessions are open to individuals, collectives and other formations
  • All sessions will take place online on Zoom
  • Each session will be 45 minutes of one-on-one time between the reviewer and the participant
  • Participants are invited to present minimum one and maximum three projects – whatever is possible to share within 20 minutes
  • We ask participants to submit work at the time of application so we can share work with reviewers prior to the scheduled sessions
  • Due to limited spots, we can take registrations for one review per participant only
  • Participants should indicate their first, second and third choices for reviewers in the application form. We will honor requests as far as possible, but might also suggest a different reviewer, if we think they would be a good match for you.
  • After completing this form, please send us your portfolio (Minimum 1 maximum 3 bodies of work with project descriptions (max 300 words per project).
  • For photos: 2000 pixels width 72dpi, in a zipped or compressed attachment. For video: link to the video to submissions@photoktm.com with your Full Name_Portfolio Review as the subject.
  • Application deadline: 20th November 2020


  • Fill up this application form: https://forms.gle/bb1r7DiwJxkzzCg68
  • After completing the form, please send us your portfolio to submissions@photoktm.com with your Full Name_Portfolio Review as the subject by 20th November 2020
  • Your portfolio (for this application process) should be between 15-20 low-resolution images per project. You can send a maximum of three bodies of work. Please note that each photograph should be 2000 pixels on the longer side and 72 dpi. We recommend you to send it as a zipped or compressed attachment. For videos, please send the link to video and do not upload video files.
  • Please also send a brief Project Description (maximum 300 words)


  • Dec 3, 3pm | Diwas Raja Kc | Researcher/Writer/ Curator – Nepal Picture Library, Nepal
  • Dec 3, 3pm | Fiza Khatri | Artist/Curator, Pakistan
  • Dec 3, 3pm | Meenakshi Thirukode | Curator/ Writer, Founder – Instituting Otherwise, India
  • Dec 3, 3pm | Paroma Mukherjee | Head – National Photography Desk, Hindustan Times, India


  • Dec 4, 3pm | Sunitha Kumar Emmart | Founder and Director – GALLERYSKE, India
  • Dec 4, 3pm | Kishor Sharma | Independent photographer, Nepal
  • Dec 4, 3pm | Emma Bowkett | Director of Photography, FT Weekend Magazine, UK
  • Dec 4, 3pm | Sumit Dayal | Multimedia Journalist, India


  • Dec 7, 3pm | Umer Butt | Founder and Co-Director – Grey Noise, Duba
  • Dec 7, 3pm | Emeka Okereke | Founder and Artistic Director – Invisible Borders Trans-African Project, Nigeria
  • Dec 7, 3pm | 13 Jara | Photo Collective, India
  • Dec 7, 3pm | Adil Hasan


  • Dec 8, 3pm | Sarker Protick | Visual Artist, Bangladesh
  • Dec 8, 3pm | Frédéric Lecloux | Photographer/Writer, France
  • Dec 8, 3pm | Newsha Tavakolian | Photographer – Magnum Agency, Iran
  • Dec 8, 3pm | Candice | Researcher/ Writer – Market Photo Workshop, South Africa


  • Dec 9, 7am | Kosuke Ohara | Photographer, Founder- Backyard, Japan
  • Dec 9, 7am | Gwen Lee | Co-founder and Director – Singapore Photography Festival, Singapore
  • Dec 9, 7am | Chelsea Matiash | Senior editor for digital storytelling, The New York Times, US
  • Dec 9, 7am | Noelle Flores Theard | Magnum Foundation, US