Meenakshi Thirukode


Meenakshi Thirukode is a writer, researcher, educator and feminist killjoy.  The recipient of the 2016-17 FICA Inlaks Goldsmiths scholar at the M.Res program in Curatorial/Knowledge, Goldsmiths, University of London, Meenakshi also graduated with Honors in the MA History of the Art Market, Connoisseurship and Art Criticism from Christies Education, New York (2008-09.) Her areas of research include the role of culture and collectivity from the POV of a queer femme subjectivity, that’s located within the realm of a trans-nomadic, transient network of individuals and institutions. She runs ‘School of IO’, which is a space of unlearning, dedicated to navigating ‘study’, as a radical tool of political agency.

Her recent projects include organizing the ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ conference at MAC Birmingham, UK as part of the India-UK 70 years celebration (March 2018) and ‘Out of Turn, Being Together Otherwise’, exploring performance  art histories in collaboration with Asia Art Archive (AAA) at Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa, India (December 15th-22nd 2018) . Her chapter ‘Towards a public of the Otherwise’, will be published in the Routledge Companion Series for Art in the Public Realm in 2020.