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No Bullshit Code of Conduct

The festival has a clear stance on sexual and other forms of harassment. This code of conduct applies to physical gatherings as well as online engagements. 

As you prepare to join us for the festival this year, we ask that you endorse this very important code of conduct to ensure a safe, pleasant and fun experience for everyone attending or involved.

Photo Kathmandu is committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for all participants as well as the local community, who host us so graciously.

The festival will NOT tolerate any/all harassment and intimidation of a sexual, physical, verbal, emotional or any other nature based on gender, sexual orientation, age, appearance, marital status, religion, ability or any other excuse at any time of day or night, at any festival gathering including parties or online. Substances consumed can not be taken as an excuse.

Should the festival be notified of any bullshit, prior to attending, during and after attending the festival, the festival reserves the right to terminate any/all association with you.

Should you be a witness to any bullshit during the festival, we ask that you not be a silent embarrassed by-stander but offer your support to the person needing it in the way they deem safest.

This code of conduct is not meant to offend anyone who does not plan to offend others. And it shall not get in the way of us all having a perfectly wonderful time together.